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 - His children reminisce on life with Dad We,...
His children reminisce on life with Dad We, Sandra McMurtrie, Terry Andreas, and Mchael Andreas, the children of Dwayne and Inez Andreas ... have been asked to write tributes to our mother and father for inclusion in "The Andreas Legacy." We chose to write one letter from all three of us. We are, of course, grateful to our parents for all the usual things: food, shelter, school, driving us to lessons, keeping us in good health. But our parents did many things for us we have found to be extraoridnary now that we ourselves are the parents of adult children. They educated us in the broadest sense of the word. They made sure we knew our relatives: our cousins, aunts, and uncles, no matter how far away they lived. In the summertime, frequent visits took place among the various families of relatives. Sometimes an extra cottage was rented to accommodate the multitudes. We were part of a large, extended family at these times. Our relatives were both enjoyable and pest-like, depending on one's age and tastes. But more importantly, Mom and Dad made us feel connected to and at ease with a large number of people We belonged. They made sure we knew their friends. Many people, both friends and business associates, visited our house, and from an early age we all sat down for many meals with guests. A memorable visitor was Mr. Bean, an agri-business associate of Dad's and a vegetarian. (We giggled about that.) The whole family ate nothing but veggies and eggs for four days so as not to offend sensibilities. On Day Five, V L - ; , A. k .- - I- r V ' j w u-. .. ill 1 Si if ' v , y Vf. V - a ' V' JC' ' f a . Jff.t . i :'yv. 1 ':i:"i1!v-: P'.-A ..V.-r Xri-.-f ?&4&7 Photo provided BROTHERS: Glenn (left) and Dwayne Andreas, about 1920. Mom put a turkey on to roast in honor of our return to regular eating. The smell permeated the house. We drooled. Alas, Mr. Bean decided to extend his stay, inciting a lively mutiny. Dad dined on scrambled eggs, alone with his guest that evening, while the rest of us chowed down on turkey and stuffing in the kitchen They played with us. We lived on Lake Minnetonka and used it extensively. Mom and Dad taught us to water ski. Mom held us under the arms and Dad drove the boat ... over and over and over and over. Dad had the snow man gouge us an ice-skating rink in the winter. Dad made fudge with us, ruining many pans, all just to cover the taste of Sandy's unpleasant tasting medicine Dad gave putting lessons in the back yard. Mom drove us to lessons: sailing, tennis, golf, dancing, skating. They really tried! Only Mick took to sport in the end. He is a really good golfer like Mom and Dad. Sandy and Terry preferred to spend their days in a darkened room playing Monopoly and Canasta. Mom dragged the two of them out to visit factories all over Minnesota. The huge vat of peanut butter at the Skippy manufacturing plant in Edina gave us nightmares! And then, sometimes, we were allowed to stay in pajamas all day. They made sure we knew what their work was and that they enjoyed working. At the dinner table everybody was encouraged to review their day's activities, Dad and Mom included. Dad talked about business decisions and explained what he did all day. ("Taxes are the dues we pay to live and work in the club we call America." "What's time to a hog?" "No country wants a war with the man who makes his bread.") Mom told about her work with the American Association of University Women and St. Martin's Church. ("If you don't have regular work, there's no such thing as a vacation.") They were respectful of our work at school, admired us in our successes, helped us through our failures. They enlarged our vision of the world. They took us traveling with them when they could. When Terry and 1 -v- J JH ' M . , - ...,. . . . .. . - ...... , . r- . ' Photo provided FAMILY PORTRAIT: This photo of the Andreas family was taken about 1930. Dwayne Andreas is pictured seated on the floor, holding the dog. Other family members, from left, are Albert Andreas; his wife, Dorothy; their son, Perry; Lowell Andreas (Dwayne's younger brother); Lydia Andreas (Dwayne's mother); Reuben Andreas (Dwayne's father); Lenore Andreas (Dwayne's sister); and Glenn Andreas (Dwayne's older brother). Sandy were 12 and 14 years old, Mom and Dad took them on a tour of Europe while Dad attended to some trading business. The girls never adapted to the time change, preferring to stay up all night. They complained about everything: food (weird), water (bottled and fizzy), castles (ugly and cold), cathedrals (too big and dark), lack of ketchup. After that they encouraged us to travel on our own. Sandy toured Europe; Terry worked in Thailand; Mick lived in Belgium when he started with ADM. They keep in touch with us all the time. Mom and Dad are the centers of a family news network. They keep us all up to date on family activities, accomplishments, and challenges. They gather us together for anniversaries and birthdays and other big events. We all have apartments at the Sea View Hotel in Bal Harbour, Florida, so that all the generations can visit mom and Dad and each other with minimal difficulty. Our children all played together there on holidays, and as adults are very close even though they live far apart. HQ JD y setting an example, and by encouraging us, they taught us to take on great challenges in life. We have accomplished wonderful things with their help and advice. Sandy has worked on changing the world to . make it a kinder place by working with Mother Teresa. Terry has worked on changing the way people solve environmental problems by founding The School for Field Studies. Mick has worked on feeding the world's people better by developing Archer Daniels Midland Company with Dad. re are proud of our par ents and we love them. They feel the same way about us. v "St"- on I 1 " -v V'v W'7 .. 1,.- , . y- '5 - 1 - ... - . y r m Photo provided YOUNG CHILDREN: The Andreas children, about 1923: Lenore, Glenn, Dwayne and Lowell.

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