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in U u u vry E i m o) II 1 I I I 1(1(1 fiPrmnn Pinnae IU wwi iiiuii i luilbJ Shot Down In Day Amsterdam, Holland invaded nation, one explosive fall-tSaturday) fall-tSaturday) fall-tSaturday) (AP) u,g ci0Se to United States Minis-Fighting Minis-Fighting Minis-Fighting to arrest Adolf Hitler's iter George A. Gordon. There were lightning, the stalwart Dutch early I numerous air alarms all evening today announced tneir lorces were; at hair-hourly hair-hourly hair-hourly intervals sending on their defenses near the Eastern frontier, making progress in wiping out swarms of Nazi "mea from Mars" who parachut-ti parachut-ti parachut-ti to strategic positions in the interior, interior, and receiving rapid reinforcement reinforcement from shiploads of British and French trcops. A Netherlands communique said pore than 100 German nlanes had been .'hot down in the first day of the blitzkrieg, and that the Dutch had ret Pictures showing Nazi methods methods of invasion and airports destroyed destroyed in Friday's b'Ugriee. will be fcund on Page 5. ports which TCi'.crday in Nazi Transport Plane Downed One German transport plane carrying carrying 19 soldiers plunged through the roof of a house in The Hague when the Dutch shot it down. The falling soldiers all wore Nether-land's Nether-land's Nether-land's uniforms. The Germans succeeded in landing landing troops at two small landing fields near The Hague, and gained control of them. They were at Ok-kenbure Ok-kenbure Ok-kenbure and YDenbur" But the en "all but "ne of the air- air- ' Germans were small unit s anri im- im- mediately surrounded. The Associated Press, informed informed by a reliable source ih New York, carried the fact tnat German troops were marching toward the Netherlands Netherlands border on the night of Tuesday. May 7. The Associated Associated Press' exclusive information included trw assertion that Arn-hcm. Arn-hcm. Arn-hcm. in Southern Holland, would be among the first German German objectives. Dispatches from the Netherlands Friday bore this out.) General Henri Gerard Winkel-man. Winkel-man. Winkel-man. the Dutch commander-in-chief, commander-in-chief, commander-in-chief, commander-in-chief, commander-in-chief, in the name of Queen Wil-hclmina Wil-hclmina Wil-hclmina thanked the troops last night and declared: "The surprise attack of the enemy can be considered considered a failure." Nazis Use Seaplanes From the narrow Eems channel on the northeast to the tip of Lim-burg Lim-burg Lim-burg and west across the country to the great seaport of Rotterdam, invaded by seaplanes and parachute parachute platoons, the green-uniformed green-uniformed green-uniformed green-uniformed armies of the Queen contested, inch by inch, the country their forebears look out of the sea. The Netherlands was assaulted after midnight along with her southern neighbors. Belgium and the tiny Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Luxembourg. Then, and only then, did she ask for Allied aid. While a British-French British-French British-French army crossed the I Belgian border from France to fight for the low countries, the Dutch government sent ministers the Germans seized their prc-dawn prc-dawn prc-dawn offen sive bv parachute and air transport. transport. Fourteen Nazi planes were cantured when these airports were retaken. Nazis Hold One Airport The one airport still in German tands was Waalhavcn at Rotterdam Rotterdam and there the Nazi parachutists parachutists were reported fiahting with their backs to the well. The German troops at Rotterdam Rotterdam were reinforced, however, ard the Dutch radio warned in broadcasts every five minutes that "increasing numbers" of parachute parachute troops were landing under cover of night in Southern Holland rxar the Belgian frontier. One German transport loaded with 19 German soldiers clad in Dutch uniforms was shot down at The Hague and it crashed through a house roof. The British Air ministry reported reported numerous German planes destroyed destroyed by bombing attacks when the British swooped upon newly German-occupied German-occupied German-occupied airports so quickly quickly "that the enemy had no time in which tn establish an anti-aircraft anti-aircraft anti-aircraft ivstem. Fiftv troop carriers wcie reported attacked at Rotterdam. :rport. Tuo British destroyers and one French vessel arrived yesterday afternoon at Flushing and proceeded proceeded up tiie ship canal to Middle-burs. Middle-burs. Middle-burs. Mutinied French troop-; troop-; troop-; also Nazi Bombs Fire Airport Near Amsterdam -r- -r- -r- - :,,'"'fg;ii'''piN w 11 MMMMMMMM,MMMMMM,,MM,M,jr.x , . , . Mm, , -J0- -J0- -J0- tvcm K " fm - :-:' :-:' :-:' , - - v: I This exclusive Associated Press Wirephoto shows Dutch fire engines arriving at the scene after Nazi bombs had set fire to buildings buildings at the Schipol airport near Amsterdam in an air raid Friday,, first Na2i objectives. Airports were the was in the heart of Rotterdam. There, where the terrifying roar of hundreds of planes sent virtual- virtual- to London to request and receive pledges of direct British-F British-F British-F rencbj ly all the population of 6CO.00O into aid. jthe streets at 4 o'clock fn the morn- morn- Last night, while British andjing. the Germans managed to land French planes droned high above great troop transport planes in the Dutch canals to signalize assist middle of the Nieuwe Maas river. Holland's high commana i which cuts through the city, and umiu Llll- Llll- pull 5it4o m : . n..4 avnliicivp .. - , . 4U0.0U0 men: o"mos in uie vicinuy 01 uil- uil- . . . r-n r-n r-n On the east: four armored trains destroyed (one "blown to pieces" on the railroad bridge near border Venlo) ; first-line first-line first-line armies holdinc their "round on the Maas and theIjssel rivers: coastal de-: de-: de-: fenders at DelfzijI. in extreme i r-m-hrH r-m-hrH r-m-hrH r-m-hrH r-m-hrH TiHrilnhm-!- TiHrilnhm-!- TiHrilnhm-!- TiHrilnhm-!- from the sea e.irly last night. German plain's j nc0' tail.. 1111 uu(..ui i..u. ifense of the nation by an army of Other troops billowed down on the Waalhavcn airport to the south. Fire Nazi Headquarters War Bulletins Several fires ivere started four hundred British royal engineers engineers were under a severe air attack attack but the landing was mad-: mad-: mad-: ::hout a hitch. Last n;o,t 0,,e British detachment detachment marched through war-darkened war-darkened war-darkened war-darkened Amsterdam, on its way east here the Dutch, marshaling guns and the flood-waters flood-waters flood-waters But last night, fierce fighting proceeded in the streets of Rotter- Rotter- 'dam and the invaders, pounded with incendiary shells and counterattacked counterattacked by waves of Dutch mar ines, were m a precarious position. The Germans, armed only with Hospital in Flame NEW YORK (Saturday) (AP) The British Broadcasting Broadcasting Corp. reported early today that a hospital in Brussels was in flames. The broadcast, picked up by NBC, gave no further details. Homes Blown to Bits, Two Killed by Nazis in France '. 'nnriheast Holland across the Eems! both' i r!machine-!uns r!machine-!uns r!machine-!uns anr" rifles, were con they from the German naval base of interior: German troops. , landed by seaplane and parachute. r.-rtj..n r.-rtj..n r.-rtj..n Uniaino nut 3cain:t strnnfl used first during the Spanish siege " ""V" " s " ff Levden in the ISth ccnturv " . ...e sueress. I attacked from all sides by Dutch Ficht In Rotterdam Mreets .pfonri Sone of the Germans, dropped, . e entv German planes i forces holding &v parachute, already were in . across the river K'eshrn H.illunfl fiohtinp ill the fined almost entirely to the bank of the river. The reinforced Dutch troops punished them hard, setting fire to their hotel headquarters headquarters with incendiary shells and threatening to destroy the German the great bridge Amsterdam Bombed AMSTERDAM, (Saturday) (AP) Amsterdam was bombed at 6 a. m. today (11:40 p. m. Friday, C. S. T.). The attack lasted 25 minutes. The bombs included many of heavy left! caliber. By WILLIAM M GOFFIN Ol The Associated Press Somewhere in France (Note: Dateline deleted deleted by censor) I have just seen the scattered remains of three private homes where two civilians were blown to bits and another gravely injured by Germany's first great aerial onslaught onslaught on France. Ploughing through the debris on the outskirts of this village Russia Denies Slavic World cstvm Holland, fighting in the)' " evidence that These troops were completely en trcets of Rotterdam. But their po- po- i,Pri..r footholds cained i circled and forty had been captur bv the invaders, behind the main j flood water and -land -land defenses of I the central Netherlands, were iwon at tremendous costs. ! The most dramatic invasion and t.'-ajn t.'-ajn t.'-ajn there was not a happy one. i The British moved swiftly. Not; tatil yesterdav morning had Hoi- Hoi- j "r.d asked for Allied help: indeed se openly refused to accept any iivance promises of aid from anyone. anyone. 'Yet. even last autumn, persons persons in the know in Amsterdam Amsterdam had it that 25.000 British troops were held ready on the British East coast, ready to sve at a moment's notice s"rnss the North sea and into Holland to defend her from invasion. invasion. That invasion came at dawn Friday, after repeated "d well-founded well-founded well-founded alarms.) Rutch Strengthen Forces -ast -ast night the fighting in Rot-,rosm. Rot-,rosm. Rot-,rosm. Netherlands opulent sea-J". sea-J". sea-J". grew in intensity as the Ger-Kans Ger-Kans Ger-Kans flew in reinforcements to hard-pressed hard-pressed hard-pressed shock units. The Dutch also rushed to '-frigthen '-frigthen '-frigthen their forevs battling to 'P out this strong but small Nazi 'rcc. confined to the left (south) of the river Nieuwe Maas. The Germans were driven out of fte;r control of the big bridge Jc;,oss the river connecting the two Parts of te Cjty gut tncy COntn-jd COntn-jd COntn-jd to occupy the Maas hotel e;r headquarters, after extin-r-whing extin-r-whing extin-r-whing extin-r-whing extin-r-whing a fire set bv Dutch in-nd:ary in-nd:ary in-nd:ary shells. The Nazis last night bombed The Se. governmental seat of the ed up to this evening. Flames lighted the German-occu German-occu German-occu pied sector with a red glow as the Old Maas hotel deleted by censor) I suddenly came upon a jagged piece of bone and flesh wedged against a wall. ' Her thigh," said one of the mili tary officers who was conducting merman nomoers came over tne cuv azain at o a. m. me (11 :4S p. m. C. S. T. Friday). Indies Under Martial Law BATAVIA (AP) The entire Netherlands East Indies, richestDutch colonial possession, were placed under martial !lav yesterday by Governor-General Governor-General Governor-General Tjarda van Starcken- Starcken- from which they bor h at gtachhouwer, who proclaimed the Indies to be at was fired by the! " were operatin .. in..t.l. pncnirJ TT. nI. !l I. " .1 . .1 1 I i ' ll J. . Aff A. ithe most spectacular fighting of all "u"-" "u"-" "u"-" -'"" -'"" h"-oU, h"-oU, h"-oU, ,i.i....i.-inar ,i.i....i.-inar ,i.i....i.-inar wun ermanj ana warnea oiner nanonss iiiiti any unci tug mini ?uiii.luil3. j 'aa4haven Airdrome Ruined of help would be Unwelcome. Other Germans still held Waal THE WEATHER FORECAST FOR ILLINOIS: Generally fair Saturday and Sunday: warmer Sunday, and in northeast and north-central north-central north-central portions Saturday. LOCAL WEATHER I a. m. Noon 7 p. m. Highest Lowest Fri Thur 55 4S 63 69 58 64 67 72 52 43 Precip. Sun Rises Sets Fri Thur Trace Sat. Fri 4:49 4:50 7:02 7:01 TEMPERATURES 6:30 p.m. High Low Boston 57 62 45 New York 59 70 49 Jacksonville 66 83 62 Miami , 78 83 69 New Orleans 75 80 67 Chicago 46 65 44 Cincinnati 66 71 43 Detroit 59 64 41 Memphis 72 77 ' 53 St. Paul 64 66 49 Oklahoma City 80 85 54 Omaha 71 76 53 Helena 88 88 44 San 60 64 51 Winnipeg 66 68 34 haven airdrome, but it was in ruins. from their own bombs. The hangars hangars and runways were completely destroyed before the parachute troops were landed. Maas station, on the right bank of the river above the bridge, was captured early in the day by Germans Germans who shot down its few policemen policemen defenders, but it appeared appeared the Germans had been driven out A transport plane which alighted ; in the river was wrecked in a collision collision with a boat. Troops trying to advance along the left bank from the airport were checked, too. and the Dutch, clinging clinging tenaciously to the right bank, opened drawbridges to prevent crossings. Barricades were thrown up in the streets as the- the- Germans attacked attacked from the shelter of abandoned tramcars. Several hundred Dutchmen were killed before the German parachute parachute troops overwhelmed the All Germans over 16 will be interned, the governor- governor- general's office announced. Please turn to Page 2 "War" Photos of Dutch Bombings Exclusive Associated Press Wirephotos showing buildings buildings being blasted to bits by the German air machine at Amsterdam will be found on the back page of today's Herald. The pictures were taken Friday in Amsterdam, were sent by telephone from Amsterdam to London and from there to New York by radio and to The Herald by Wire-photo. Wire-photo. Wire-photo. The Herald, only newspaper in Central and Southern Illinois with Associated Press Wirephoto, presents for the first time in the history of newspaper publishing pictures of the first day's fighting together with the report report of the first day of the invasion. Engaged to Be Married Malca Leon, young and pretty.' was engaged to be married. They picked up her remains in a sack after the German planes went over at dawn today. Four planes dropped 24 bombs, according to the officer. When I asked him if there we,re any military military objectives in the neighborhood, neighborhood, he replied with an emphatic "none whatever." "Then why?" I inquired. His explanation was that .the Nazi aviators, growing nervous, must have wished to lighten their loads to facilitate their escape aft er being caught in a curtain of anti-aircraft anti-aircraft anti-aircraft fire. Direct hits were scored on two of the three houses which stood in a row along the side of the road. The scene was reminiscent of the-destruction the-destruction the-destruction a mid-western mid-western mid-western tornado leaves behind. Direct iHts on Two Houses Direct hits were on the two end houses, killing one person in each. In the center house Madame Pauline Pauline Bluteau and her seven children escaped unhurt, though all the windows windows were smashed. The other person killed was Gilbert Gilbert .Vasseur. The injured was Jean Gourot, future father-in-law father-in-law father-in-law father-in-law father-in-law of Mademoiselle Leon. He was taken taken to a hospital. The area about the houses looked looked like a miniature battlefield. Sol- Sol- Moscow, Russia (AP) Foreign reports that Soviet Russia Russia has adopted a policy of Pan- Pan- down ! Slavism and proceeding from this was encour; ging Rumania to help Jugoslavia if the latter is attacked by Italy, were declared "ridiculous" "ridiculous" in a statement yesterday by Tass, Soviet official news agency "In the opinion of responsible Soviet quarters Pan-Slavism Pan-Slavism Pan-Slavism in general, general, and in the sphere of foreign policy in particular, is a thoroughly reactionary trend incompatible with the policy of the Soviet state," Tass said. (The Tass statement was issued less than 24 hours after authoralive quarters in Belgrade, Jugoslavia, had let it be known that a- a- Jugoslav Jugoslav military mission will leave shortly for Moscow, and had expressed expressed the opinion that a Soviet-Jugoslav Soviet-Jugoslav Soviet-Jugoslav military alliance may result. result. The Tass statement also denied foreign reports that "Sweden is taking taking part in secret talks with Moscow Moscow which may remove the Swedish Swedish fear of German invasion," and that Sweden and Finland were negotiating negotiating mutual assistance pacts with Russia similar to those concluded concluded by Russia last fall with the three Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This, said Tass, is "a fabrication from beginning to end." Bishop Leaves $25,000 Estate to Widow Chicago (AP) Bishop George Craig Stewart- Stewart- f the Chicago Episcopal diocese, w." died May 2, left the bulk of his estate, estate, estimated at S25.000, in trust to his widow. Gertrude, his will diers were prodding the craters for disclosed yesterday. pieces of the bombs, while a crowd : Bequests of S500 each were made of spectators looked on. Out in to a niece, Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor back, by the side of the onion! Brown, Springfield, 111., and to two patch, a flock of chickens clucked ' nephews, Stewart Taylor, Upper and pecked, with not a feather outl Montclair, N. J, and George Craig of place. Taylor of suburban Evanston. Germans Push Into Lowlands; Hitler at Front By LOUISE P. LOCHNER Of the Associated Press Berlin, Germany (AP) The thunderous impact of Ger man total war descended upon Western Western Europe yesterday. Adolf Hitler, proclaiming the start of a fight to "decide the fate of the German nation for the next 1.000 years." pushed his tremendous armies armies by land and air across the frontiers of Holland and Belgium, through the tiny Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and gave these countries countries and his great enemies, France and England, their first real taste of hell from the air. Land from Sea and Air Superbly-equipped Superbly-equipped Superbly-equipped platoons, fer ried by sea and land planes or dropped by parachute, penetrated the lowland seaports and airports on the very western coastlines of the Low countries. They formed enemy islands within the carefully. prepared land and flood water lines of the little defenders, while bv land the German columns beat across eastern frontiers. Swarms of bombers smashed at airports at Brussels and Antwerp in Belgium and near Rotterdam and Amsterdam in Holland. Others. streaming into Eastern and Central France, were declared by the high command to have razed the airport at Metz, and to have bombed airdromes airdromes at Saint Omcr and Vitry-Le-Francois. Vitry-Le-Francois. Vitry-Le-Francois. Vitry-Le-Francois. Vitry-Le-Francois. Other planes darted straight for the heart of England, to drop bombs and engage defense fighters. One British Spitfire pursuit plane was shot down north of the Thames, in the vicinity of London, said the high command. Hitler Directs Fighting With Hitler, himself, at secret general headquarters "somewhere in the west," directing operations along a fighting front that now stretches 1.200 miles, from Base on the Swiss frontier to Arctic Narvik, Norway, the army last night announced resistance resistance on the Luxembourg-Belgian-Netherlands Luxembourg-Belgian-Netherlands Luxembourg-Belgian-Netherlands Luxembourg-Belgian-Netherlands Luxembourg-Belgian-Netherlands Luxembourg-Belgian-Netherlands frontiers "broken everywhere in the first attack." Within these frontiers,' the high command said, the Germans smashed smashed across Holland's "appendix" province of South Limburg. seized Dutch Maastricht and the vital Albert Albert canal bridges on the Belgian frontier; penetrated to the Ijsscl river east of Arnhcm in East Central Central Holland; crossed the Maas river at several Dutch points; seized Mal-medy, Mal-medy, Mal-medy, former German town in Belgium Belgium north of Luxembourg and crossed the Belgian frontier further south after moving through Luxembourg. Luxembourg. v The Albert canal is Belgium's great defense weapon and the Maastricht Maastricht bridgehead is an important key to it. British Sub, Destroyer Sunk At the same time the high command command said that a British submarine had been sunk by a German U-boat U-boat U-boat near the Dutch North sea island of Terschclling and that "an enemy destroyer" destroyer" had been sent to the bottom bottom by the torpedo of a German speedboat. The German high command timed the crossing of three borders by land troops at 5:30 a.m. 00:30 p.m. C.S.T. Thursday), .but this was in the wake of the bombing and transport transport planes. Juridically, Germany based her invasion invasion of three little states on the western fringe of the European conflict conflict and lying directly between Germany and her British enemy on what it said was proof that Belgium Belgium and the Netherlands, in active connivance with France, were about to . attack Germany's rich industrial industrial basin, the Ruhr. Offers "Protection" First Hence Germany "had to act first." Hitler offered Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg "protection" and restoration if they capitulated. This was the familiar pattern and Hitler's action" too, was the same steam-roller steam-roller steam-roller co-operation co-operation co-operation oetween air and land forces which brought the "blitz" decision in Poland and cleared Allied and Norwegian resistance resistance out of all Central and Southern Norway in an amazingly short time. But the possibility of another World war was alarmingly near for Germans, for it is to be remembered remembered that Italy has yet to decide whether to enter the fray actively; Turkey is allied with the Western powers; Rumania and Greece have accepted guarantees from the Allies; Russia is turning yearning eyes in the direction of Rumania's Bessarabia Bessarabia and the Japanese arc gazing gazing at the Dutch East Indies.

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