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grandma and aunt char 1 - Sisters make journey to China for elaborate...
Sisters make journey to China for elaborate ceremony By THERESA CHURCHILL H&R Senior Writer ECATUR -If -If there had been a dance for the wedding wedding guests who had traveled the farthest, Rochelle Mooth of Decatur and her sister would have had to get up and strut their stuff. But this reception didn't have room for a dance floor, with 100 tables for 10 set up at the elaborate nuptials nuptials taking place more than 7,000 miles away in China. Even so, Mooth, 72, and Charliene Call, 75, of Polo, were having the time of their lives attending the wedding Feb. 11 of one of Mooth's students from when she and her husband, Bob, taught at Nanjing University University of Technology in 2005-06. 2005-06. 2005-06. "It was a blending of Eastern and Western traditions, traditions, with part of it like a Las Vegas show," Mooth said. "We had an absolutely wonderful time." Xie Yu, who helped Mooth with her Chinese as much as Mooth showed her how to teach English, began making noises about Mooth coming to her wedding wedding a year in advance. Called "Nancy" by Mooth, Xie teaches English at the University of Wuxi and to this day uses the same technique technique Mooth used for finals in oral English. English. She gives students students 10 topics topics they should be prepared to discuss and then has a discussion with them in small groups. "She said I was the most significant teacher in her life," Mooth said. The wedding of Nancy i a XrSs J J f 4l .t 7 1 i J ? s SjaAa ...a. .Tfti iTf irm-inuM- irm-inuM- irm-inuM- irm-inuM- --t --t --t -ximasaises -ximasaises Submitted photos Xie Yu, also known as Nancy, a former student of Rochelle Mooth of Decatur, poses with her former teacher following her wedding wedding Feb. 11 in Wuxi, China. -TJ -TJ Mm ml irn" ii r mi nl rnim lm i p!."---:3 p!."---:3 p!."---:3 p!."---:3 p!."---:3 Rochelle Mooth of Decatur and her sister Charliene Call of Polo, wait with other guests outside the bride's home in Jiang Yin, China, to shower the happy couple with flower-shaped flower-shaped flower-shaped confetti. and Hua Hong Yu, also known as "Harry," was extravagant because his family is among China's new rich, making its fortune fortune with an automated system for painting automobiles. automobiles. Indeed, the family moved into a seven-bedroom seven-bedroom seven-bedroom villa in Wuxi at least three times the size of the Mooths' house in Decatur the month before the wedding in preparation preparation for the newlyweds to join them and set up housekeeping, housekeeping, as is the custom in China. Wedding festivities, however, began at 7:58 a.m. on the big day (times ending in 8 are con sidered lucky) with Harry arriving with eight BMW's decorated decorated with flowers at the door of Nancy's parents in the relatively small town of Jiang Yin (pop. 1 million) tes- tes- "SSj2- "SSj2- ZzK Vs-. Vs-. Vs-. , N 5 ; i : r z if l Vl r ftiitMIM llllllMinl . . Sn-n-Wiia'&Mtiv--.- Sn-n-Wiia'&Mtiv--.- Sn-n-Wiia'&Mtiv--.- Sn-n-Wiia'&Mtiv--.- Sn-n-Wiia'&Mtiv--.- Sn-n-Wiia'&Mtiv--.- Sn-n-Wiia'&Mtiv--.- Sn-n-Wiia'&Mtiv--.- Sn-n-Wiia'&Mtiv--.- Mr Newlyweds Nancy and Harry, also known as Hua Hong Yu, greet guests at their wedding party from the stage of a hotel banquet room. Nancy is wearing her second wedding gown of the day. about an hour's drive south of Wuxi (pop. 4.5 million). But before he could enter, he had to give Nancy's brother eight red envelopes of money and each time answer a question. The queries included the date of Nancy's birth on both the lunar and solar calendars calendars and when the couple couple first kissed. "Nicky had great fun playing the part of guard at the gate," Mooth said. Harry was presented with a bowl containing five eggs (for fertility), vermicelli vermicelli and broth, and everyone everyone eating dates in broth to signify happiness and prosperity, prosperity, the groom was finally finally allowed to go upstairs and see his bride. Then came Nancy's grand entrance with Harry, walking out of her home on a red carpet lined with firecrackers firecrackers and people holding holding tubes that spewed paper flowers. "Nancy looked absolutely WEDDINGD2 Wedding Party Menu Mashed potatoes with carrot sticks inside and a buttery coating outside, all shaped into a dragon (signifying (signifying power and happiness), happiness), whole shrimp, duck slices, dried fish, lima beans, mushrooms with bean sprouts, water celery, mutton with green vegetables, vegetables, ju ju bes (stewed dates) shrimp tails in cream sauce, soup with mushrooms and beef, fried eel, crab with soybean noodles, lobster, sliced lamb, clams, ham, bok choy, fish soup (complete with the head for good luck) sticky rice (with sweet red beans), soup with something that tasted like pickles, dumplings (jiaozi) made with bok choy, pork sausage and mushrooms), sea cucumbers with vegetables, vegetables, beef slices, sparrow sparrow gizzards with celery and ginko, and watermelon. watermelon. (Rochelle Mooth says watermelon is the traditional traditional sign a meal is over and "usually quite a welcome sight!")

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