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 - THE DECATUR REVIEW MOM MAY 19 1958 i5r i " r...
THE DECATUR REVIEW MOM MAY 19 1958 i5r i " r rsl 111- - fiL Joe Baughman, left, operates while James flobbs seals the a sheet metal brake to form alu- ends of the stops. The stops tele- minum stops used to seal coal scope together and may extend mine shalts to control air How to 1 1 feet in length. End caps for refrigerator William Bruns in Macon Met: tubes are stamped out by a p'ress als. The caps are made of brass operated bv Guy Reed, brother or steel in two, three, four and of Charles Reed, co-partner with five inch diameters. William co-partner in . sans" made by the firm in three . of kitchen cabinets.- The two or the centers. Macon Metals start- the Co. of Blue " sizes, 27, 24 and 19 inches three trays in each unit are ed in Macon in 1948; moved Movnd, of a ship in diameter. Most of the'susans joined by metal tubes through , to Blue Mound four years later, ment "lazy su- are sold wholesale to installers Petals Is Thriving mm The closing of the Faries Mfg. Co. in Decatur in 1948 was good fortune for Charles Reed and William Bruns,. who promptly went to Macon to start their own business. ; . Now 10 years later, Macon Metals -which moved to Blue Mound in 1952 is a thriving company that makes up to seven different items out of six kinds of metal for firms in the several states. Products include, "lazy susans," dehydrator parts, grain moisture meter covers, tube caps, air stops for mine shafts, parts for an arc welder and a cover for a traffic timer. Metals . worked include steel, brass, aluminum, copper, bronze and stainless steel. . Up to seven persons, including Reed's wife and sister-in-law, work durino busv times. The firm operates in a 100 bv 96 foot building that once served a3 the Blue Mound livery stable. This 96 foot former Macon-Metals plant. At left is IVi building lots next to the Blue stable " was ' the Blue Mound railroad depot. t plant in 1955 for possible ex-bouoht in use as the Macon Metals also' bought , pansion.- .Lazv susan travs are formed turns, the edges are formed by The firm hopes eventually to get by spinning metal discs on 'special tools that' tum- the cor- presses, to stamp out the trays, this special lathe. As the disc -ners and fom the .rolled lip. The tray, is' being lifted from the lathe by Richard Gold-enstein. .4, jftl J lA Mrs. Doris Reed, wife of Guv ture from' freezer pipes. Around : Reed, locks the side seam on a -Mrs. Reed's wrist are safety de-, brass cartridge used vices used, to-keep her hands . ; in device that a. -moves mois-. from being caught in the press. ' Charles" Reed, left, and William Bruns, partners in Macon Metals, discuss a die used to make . a .brass . connecting link that will be molded into plastic bv the General Electric Co. . plant in Decatur. . Mrs. Vivian Reed, wife of Mrs. Dons Reed, wife of Guv Charles,- discusses a slipover Reed The two 'women work bulb bracket for a plastic lamp parttime for Macon Metals dui- . shade with ' her sister-in-law,' , ing busy seasons.' ' -

Clipped from
  1. The Decatur Daily Review,
  2. 19 May 1958, Mon,
  3. Page 24

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