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Decatur Herald newspaper with photo of Al - toimciay, June 1, HARRISON ALDRIDGE ACOUATNTFn...
toimciay, June 1, HARRISON ALDRIDGE ACOUATNTFn WITH TlIU iTnnn Irish Lass Who Did a Man's Work in Civil War, Now1 in Soldiers' Home in Quincy, Still Unaware that Secret of Her Sex, Which She Kept for Years, Has Been Discovered. QBf of the strangest cases of mod-(TV history and one which probably will E dwn ln records of the Civil tr and of the G. A. R. is that of ."Albert D- - Cashier.1' now in the hospital of the soldiers' home 1. Quincy. Harrison Aldridge of Decatur, formerly superintendent of streets ln De-titur knew Albert Cashier and it Is through him that the photograph of this particular person came to Decatur. Albert D. J. Cashier who fought through the three hardest years of the Civil war. who draws a pension from the I'nited States and is a member of the G. A. n., is a woman. Life Full of MyMery. Her life is full of mystery. Her sex las just been revealed, after a lifetime of masquerading-, and she , is fniint her days unaware that her se-tret is known. In the hospital she sits. In her faded soldier's uniform, just a little, frail, sweet-faced, old lady who might he anybody's grandmother. She was so little and so gentle! She could walk under the leveled arm of almost any soldier in the home. Host of them ere giants beside her. If she was ,ier five feet two. age and toil has shriveled her figure and bent her shoulders till she belies her record. Her hand clasp is timid and her hrown hair has whitened. Her eyes ,re a faded blue, and her face Is a face for a painter to dwell on. Haif a century of sun and wind has bronied that face. sowed it with freckles and seamed it with a thousand wrinkles. The razor that helped her disguise has coaxed forth a film of beard. But there is no touch of toarseness. It is a sweet, kindly, pathetic face, compelling affection and respect. nid a Soldir Work. And the frail little woman has lived, dared and done a man's work in i fie world. Her tiny feet have 'tramped in line of march, nearly. 10.000 miles. Her delicate shoulders have been burdened with half her weight of e-juiprnent. Her little hands have dug trenches, laid rails and wielded gune. Fh has shared the soldier's lot ln ramp, oti sentry duty, in bivouac and line of ba'.tlo. She has built and guarded a railroad in tht advance on Memphis. She ihas been through the battle of Gun-'town when her company was nearly annihilated. She has helped puruse Hood's defeated army -to the Tennes- She toiled in the swamps against XlULi JJbUAiljK UA1L.I IijL.KA.LD. M M a I J ! PWWB?) in-, i fn-.. "-"iaE-- see. Hen. Johnston's confederates, and trl-cmphed with Grant amid the thunders of Vitksburg. She took part in the if(te of Natchez, the battles of Kene-sair Mountain, Cliattahoochie river. Jonesboro and I-ove.ioy Station. She Wfnt through the battering campaign 'against Price in Arkansas and Missis sippi and Hood in Alabama, and with Sherman In his Atlanta campaign, "ALBERT D. J. CASHIER." She served through three of the hardest yearn of the civil war, .and kept her aeeret until only n fen month atro. .She fa now in the faowpl tal of the aoldlera' home in Quincy. wnere one soiaier out or three was killed, and followed him ln his devas tating march to the sea. Worked aa a Chauffeur. Her life is a mystery. 5he was born in Ireland on Christmas day, 1844. She is said to have come to America in boy's clothes as a stowaway. Soon afterward there was a shattered romance) nobody knows, and her Hps are sealed. Even her name is unknown. She has called herself "Albert Cashier," but all attempts to trace her identity" have failed. - She enlisted Aug. 6. 1S62. at Belvi-dere. III., in Co. G of the 95th infantry, and was discharged Aug. 17. 1865. She did farm work for two years at Belvi-dere then disappeared. The next 40 years are her own secret. She is thought to have worked in a factory somewhere, probably in Chicago. Finally she became an automobile chauffeur and ' worked in that capacity for former State Senator 1. M. Lish at Seunemin. 111. Llsh discovered her secret and secured her admission to the soldiers' iiome at Quincy two years ago. Doesn't Know Sex la DUeovered. Superintendent Anderson knew the truth, but said nothing. Now her growing feebleness of body and mind have made it advisable to send her to the state hospital, where she will have better care, and so the "strange story is revealed. . She does not know however, that the world has learned? her secret. And her comrades in the home, who have treated her always with touching kindness and respect, still call her-"Albert" and give no hint that they- understand. "We never suspected that Albert was not a man." says Robert Horan of Belvidere. one of her old comrades. But we did think sometimes that she acted more like a woman than a man For one thing, she always insisted on bunking by herself. And she did lots of washing for the boys she used "to wash our shirts. Wag a ood Comrade. "When the strangeness wore away she made a good comrade. She was a soldier with us, doing faithfully and well." Strange coincidence with the ar rival of the photograph in Decatur was also the receipt here of a paper from Waterford, ' Ireland, which contained the strange story of the discovery of Albert Cashier's sex. ( Story Printed in Irish Paper. The photograph was given to an employe of the William Gushard Dry Goods company on Saturday and on the next Monday, James A. Carrol, vice president of the Gushard company, received from Waterlord. - his boyhood home, the paper. It contained the press dispatch which was sent out from Springfield telling of the strange discovery. " . - Kady Brownell is the only woman, besides "Albert Cashier," known to have served in the Civil war. When her husband, Robert Brownell of Central Falls, R. I., enlisted during their honeymoon, she insisted on going along. The 'governor of the state escorted her to Washington and got permission for her to enter the army. She wore women's clothes and"" never handled a gun. She carried a light saber and a revolver and became an expert shot. She was wounded at Bull Run. On long marches she showed more endurance than the men. After the war she was granted a pension by special act of congress. 1VOOB SCHOOI". KLKCTIOm Wood school will hold an election of officers of the Mothers! club Wednesday afternoon -at 3"0. A set of bylaws will also be adore"ed. It is desired that as many mothers as possible attend. A .NOTRE DAME LADY'S APPEAL To all knowing sufferers of rheumatism, whether muscular or of the joints, sciatica, lumbagos. backache, pains in. the kidneys or neuraltria pains, to write to her for a home treatment which has repeatedly cured all of these tortures. She feels it her duty to send it to all sufferers FREE. 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Clipped from
  1. The Decatur Herald,
  2. 01 Jun 1913, Sun,
  3. Page 13

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  • Decatur Herald newspaper with photo of Al

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